My name is Zećira Mušović and I am 25 years old. I am a professional soccer player, representing Chelsea FC. Since I was fifteen years old I have had the honor to be called up to different stages of the Swedish national team, starting with the youth ones where I also was the team captain. Today I am a part of the senior team.

In parallel with soccer, my studies and constant development have been important for me. I have a bachelor's degree in Business and Economics from Lund´s University, Sweden. I also have read courses in Leadership and Psychology. Currently, I am studying UEFA B. I am a columnist for Fotbollskanalen (TV4) and have been a board member of Uppåkra IF and a part of the price committee of Sverige United. My goals and ambitions are set high in school and soccer. I work hard to reach the highest level in both and to one day be a part of the elite, in different parts.

I was born in Falun, grew up in Borlänge, and later moved to Helsingborg with my family. My family has its roots in Serbia, where they were born and raised. My family consists of mom, dad, two sisters, and one brother. They all fled the war in Yugoslavia and after a long flight they ended up in Sweden. Today I have a family that is integrated into Swedish society in an impressive way. All of my siblings have educations at the university level in different areas, which shows that we are a family that does not take things and opportunities too lightly, but uses what we get in the best possible way.

”To me, it is not how good I am, it is how hard I am willing to work to become the best.”

I am very ambitious and go with all my heart into what I believe in and what I am passionate about. It is all or nothing, really. For me, there is nothing in between.


Something that I am extra passionate about is justice. Justice for me is about everyone having the same value, no matter which background or gender one has. For me, justice is also that whoever works hardest to become the best, should also be allowed to be so, regardless of what gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation a person has.

I have a main goal and that is that one day I will become number 1, as the number on the back of my jersey.