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My name is Zećira Mušović and I am 27 years young. Being persistent and having a strong will has always been traits that has come naturally to me. If the purpose is clear, I know that I will reach my wished outcome. I have my family and their journey to thank that for.


My parents fled the Yugoslavian war back in the 90 ́s with my three siblings: one brother and two sisters. After a long journey they ended up in Sweden, a country that welcomed them with open arms. Even though they left everything behind them, Sweden gave them everything they wished for. Sweden gave the family the safety needed. My parent's purpose was clear, they wanted safety for their kids and they wanted to have a future filled with opportunities rather than risks and threats. Today they are a well integrated part in the Swedish society.


A couple of years later after arrival to Sweden I came, much thanks to my brother who insisted on having a brother that he could play soccer with. He got everything he wanted but in a female version. My brother was my biggest role model. I started kicking and running after a ball because of him, I took a bachelor’s degree in Economics just like him and the similarities between us is remarkable. He has also been one of few that always supported me playing soccer and not just seeing it as a short-lived hobby.

I have met a lot of contradictions regarding me playing soccer and dreaming big. Most of the people in my surroundings questioned it and asked me when I would quit and start doing something that is more appropriate for a girl. Always when we went back to Bosnia for summer holiday my boots was my number one in my packing. It was me and all the boys. Nothing I really reflected upon back then, much because I enjoyed it and wanted to do it. When that is the case, nobody can really stop me.

”To me, it is not how good I am, it is how hard I am willing to work to become the best.”

The older I get the clearer my purpose has become of what I want to achieve as a professional athlete. I want to inspire the next generation and lead the path for them, show them that everything is possible if you really believe in it. Rarely I am satisfied with sitting in the passengers seat. I want to change things to the better and to enable others to succeed. I want to be the driver in the areas I am passionate in. My career has given me to possibility to be a role model and has given me the platform that people are interested in. That is something I do not take for granted and it is something I am hugely thankful for. That is also why it is import for me to use that platform in the right way to fight for what I believe in.


After eight successful seasons in Sweden’s top team FC Rosengard I took the step to one of the best clubs in the world: Chelsea FC. The last six years I have also been a part of the Swedish nationalteam. I have not reached my final destination as a goalie and I am well aware of that it will require hard word, dedication and perseverance to push trough to the very top. 


My goal is crystal clear and I am convinced that my work will lead me there.

My main goal is to be the number 1, to match the number on the back of my jersey.




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