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As a young girl with a foreign background, my sport was regularly questioned from an 

early age by people around me, including those closest. Many thought that my high ambitions, goals and big dreams were a short lived hobby, that would eventually be replaced by something else more suitable for a girl. But, here I am today, I have succeeded in 

making it to the very top of my sport representing one of the best clubs in the world in Chelsea FC, and the Swedish national team. 


Next Generation Dreamers is a project that will make the next generation dare to dream big and grow up with a tailwind rather than a headwind. It is a project that through inspiration, practice, and theory will give the upcoming generation the feeling that their wish for success is possible. For so many years I have been inspired by different people and different stories. Now I am ready to inspire the next generation and to pave the way for the girls that will come after me.


The vision for the project is to see, acknowledge and appreciate girls that do not have enough support from home because of different reasons. This will hopefully result in a bigger drive, motivation, and the feeling that nothing is impossible.

All girls, regardless of their background, should be allowed to play football and dream big.


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